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    Anodized Kick Ass Cogs

    At a full quarter inch wide (6.35mm) at the splines, Kick-Ass-Cogs simply will not damage your free hub body the way a narrower cog can. Made of high strength 7075-T6 alloy (Stronger and harder than most common steels), Kick-Ass-Cogs are precision machined insuring perfect axial and radial alignment that compliments the superior chain lines that cassette style hubs allow.

    The specially …

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    Mountain Bike Parts , Single Speed Cog

    Blowout Singlespeed Kick Ass Cogs

    Blowing out discontinued, mis-lasered and not quite the right color ano’d cogs. Order up! Please note that not all freehub bodies are created equally (outside diameter that is). Depending on your particular hub choice, you may have to modify your Kick-Ass-Cog. I like my cogs to fit tight so there is only smooth in your drive train with no damage …