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Single Speed Cogs For Single Speed Mountain Bikes

Can you ride a single speed mountain bike without riding a Kick-Ass-Cog… yes. But you can’t ride a single speed mountain bike without a single speed cog, and you should definitely get a Kick-Ass-Cog from EndlessBikeCo. Kick-Ass-Cogs are the best single speed cogs. Our Kick-Ass-Cogs come in kick-ass colors to make your single speed mountain bike bling even more.

EndlessBikeCo. also makes narrow wide chainrings, so now you can color match or color compliment.

Oh, and all EndlessBikeCo. products are made right here in Western North Carolina.

About EndlessBikeCo.

Being a truly rider owned company means that we actually know what is important to the serious rider. We care about what we do; this isn’t a job to us, this is our life. We wake up in the morning to make and ride bikes built from a riders perspective. Endless Bike Co. is not only understanding of a riders needs, but born of them. We are passionate about riding and understand just how important riding can be to a person’s life. When you need assistance, we are here to help. We know where you are coming from because we have likely been there ourselves. We are here with the resources, experience, and willingness to help you have as much fun as possible riding your bike. Check us EndlessBikeCo. on PinkBike.

Our Single Speed Cogs and Narrow Wide Chainrings Are Great On Dirt Jump Bikes Too

Because who doesn’t like jumps?

Kick A$$ Bike Parts

Proudly made in the USA

The Direct Mount Ring

You’ve been asking and I’ve been working on this for a loooooong time. I wanted the product to be perfect. I didn’t want just another “me-too” bicycle component. I wanted a product that is functional and durable and I wanted it to look sexy. I think we nailed it!

28t SRAM and Race Face style 3mm offset rings NOW SHIPPING!

30t SRAM …

Anodized Fibonacci Cassette Spacer Kit

The spacer kits are manufactured from a different aluminum than our Kick Ass Cogs, so anodization colors may be quite different from cog to spacer kit. Good opportunity to add 2 colors to your fine single steed! This kit includes (2) 1mm spacers, (1) 2mm spacer, (1) 3mm spacer, (1) 5mm spacer, (1) 8mm spacer, (1) 13mm spacer and (1) …